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Costs & Funding

Your assets

If you own your property and/or have financial assets of above £23,250 then you will not be eligible for financial support towards your home care needs.

However, if your assets are below that threshold and you are in receipt of financial assistance, you can request that Kent County Council makes payments directly into your bank account so that you can choose a home care provider of your choice.

Private funding

Private funding applies if you have property and/or have financial assets of above £23,250 and aren’t able to claim sufficient benefits to cover the entire cost of your home care support.

In many circumstances, it is possible to self-fund some or all of your care.

In the context of care at home, self pay options are a good way to avoid the initial waiting times that may come with local authority assessment. This means that you will receive a prompt assessment of your needs at a time that is convenient to you and your family. Self pay provides a simple alternative to an immediate need, such as care throughout the night, allowing you to access private services only when you need them.

Private funding can be raised in many ways but is usually from savings and investments.

Equity release

When there’s a need to raise additional funding, many people feel they have no option but to sell their home and downsize to get the money they need. However, with equity release you can generate extra cash without having to leave your much-loved home. You will also not have to incur the cost and upheaval of moving home.

Taking out equity release is a long term commitment. You can choose to not make any monthly repayments, as your loan will be repaid upon your death, or move permanently into long term care. Until this happens, you are free to stay in your home for as long as you choose.

If you are considering equity release you should always consult an independent financial adviser to determine the best solution for you.

Ways to pay

For your convenience, we can offer a range of methods to pay for our care services. These are as follows …
Electronic Transfers

Should you wish to make payment by electronic transfer/internet banking, our details are as follows:

Sort code: 40-42-04
Account number: 31714023


Should you wish to pay by cheque please make all cheques payable to NV Care Ltd. We ask that cheques are posted to the office, rather than handed to a carer.

Standing order

Payment by standing order is where we will take a specified amount from your nominated account every four weeks. This will not necessarily cover your invoices in full, as this method of payment will not account for any variations in your care package, for example bank holidays or increased visits. In this case you may receive statements from the finance team regarding any outstanding balance that may be on your account. If you would like to set up a standing order, please contact a member of staff on 01622 757155 who will be able to send you the necessary documentation.


Invoicing is undertaken every four weeks. Our usual system is to send invoices by post. However, if you would rather receive your invoices by email, please contact a member of staff.

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